GAD Group serves to leverage technology as a catalyst for Growth and Optimization.

Integrating People, Processes and Technology, the RIGHT way

Which Way To Go?


GAD GROUP Technology, Inc. has been optimizing and constructing strategic business development since 2001. With expert finance, healthcare, technological and logistic (and more!) professionals on our team, we’re proud to offer innovative solutions to our clientele.


While legacy systems offer sustenance, GAD GROUP Technology, Inc. is committed to providing your organization with engineered growth. Through disruptive technology and multi-functional infrastructure development, GAD acts as a trusted guide on your journey to Digital Transformation.


The future is not only reliant upon survival, but also demand. GAD GROUP Technology, Inc. not only creates applications based on your organizations development needs, but we innovate, manage and sustain technological application and software built to withstand and embrace our changing world.

Together our team brings over 50 years of professional experience including business process optimization, information technology, software implementation, healthcare operation analysis and retail experience.